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Who’s the Boss?

As the spectrum of social media continues to expand, the seasoned veterans start to mosey their way into a specific niche. With this newfound specialty, these sites have a new way to market themselves as unique in an ever-growing realm of social media websites.

MySpace.com is the perfect example. Though it started off as a simple, generic social media website, it has recently found its way into the music realm. It is now the go-to website for musicians of all sorts, from the fame-hungry garage band to this week’s hottest chart-toppers. MySpace currently provides a variety of musical opportunities to its visitors, including MySpace Karaoke and a talk show-esque web series titled “Artist on Artist.”

Since finding its claim to fame, MySpace has since begun to pursue a bigger and better outreach to music fans across the globe. Their most recent accomplishment is the purchase of music service iLike, which provides its guests with suggestions for new artists or bands based on their likes and interests. With this new commodity, MySpace now has the ability to monitor activity within the iLike application on rival social networking site Facebook.

Though Facebook has more monthly visitors than MySpace, this may be the opportunity for MySpace to push itself to the top in social networking services.

So now the question rests, what does Facebook have to do to prevent further infiltration by its rival? Which direction will it have to go in order to keep its loyal followers? “Which _____ are you?” quizzes and Top 5 surveys don’t seem to be the object of affection to the majority of its users, so it may have to turn the other cheek.

MySpace has music…so what niche will Facebook fall into?
Hopefully not annoying, feed-filling quizzes…

In this competitive world of constant innovation in social media, it’s going to take a lot more effort simply to maintain that consistent user base that Facebook is currently celebrating. With MySpace’s recent acquisition, it may quite possibly claim its rightful throne. Watch out, Facebook, somebody’s back with a vengeance.