The United Church of Google: Time to Convert?

I came across a recent Forbes article on “When Google Runs Your Life.”

Let me just start off by saying, when an article leaves you thinking non-stop about a subject, you know that there’s something to it. Sometimes, it’s even life-changing.
Google may one day rule the world. They seem to always be the first to really know what’s new in technology–especially when they’re the ones to invent it.
The best part is, they obviously know their audience. They see what their constituents desire, and go for it almost immediately. I want to be on their PR team.
Google has managed to make itself such a wide presence that to not have heard of them would be considered sacrilegious. I mean, they’re so well known, their brand name has become a verb. That’s got to say something.
It wasn’t until today, when I finally received my invitation to Google Wave that I realized the impact they may soon have. The aforementioned Forbes article just pushed that further for me.
As of right now, a person can run entirely off of Google’s products. Quentin Harvey, the writer of this Forbes article, summed it up pretty well:

Your day begins with a wake-up call from your Google Android phone. As you run to the shower, you hit Google News and check headlines, then Gmail. Your first appointment of the day has been moved to a new location; Google Maps will direct you there. Quickly update your expense report–including the printout of that sales presentation using, say, Google Template–and shoot them to the back office in India (in Hindi, if you prefer, with Google Translate). Your boss wants to discuss your group’s contributions to some marketing documents? Lean on Google Groups. You’re not even out the door yet. You have the rest of the day to search for work-critical information on the Web while you’re at the office–to say nothing of snatching a few moments to download a game, check stock prices, organize your medical records, share photos and pick a restaurant and movie for the evening. How convenient.

The more I think about the convenience that Google provides me, with all its services combined into one interconnected system of awesomeness, I can’t help but wonder if I’m ready to switch over.

As a Public Relations student, I never heard the end of “keep up with social media” and “mobile technology is your future. You must keep up with it!” I cannot deny this fact.

If we don’t switch over, we may have to in the future.

So, my question for you is, are you ready to convert?

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