Nintendo DSi: The Future of Augmented Reality?

To start off, check out this video:

This here, ladies and gentlemen, is the next step into the world of augmented reality (AR).

I was fortunate this Christmas to have received a DSi. Unlike someone much younger than me, I didn’t immediately think of which games I wanted to get for it. I thought about its value in relation to the iPhone, Smart phones, and the like.
After toying around with the camera and its really cool features, I realized that its potential for augmented reality is great.
The above video is the first that I’ve heard about AR games for the DSi. And I’m pretty excited about it.

Now, how much further will (or rather, should) Nintendo take this?
Imagine the possibilities, especially with the new dual cameras and WiFi capabilities.

Take the Urbanspoon restaurant-locating iPhone app as an example.
This app creates an overlay when you point your iPhone at the horizon. It locates restaurants near you. The bigger the circle, the closer you are to the restaurant. And let’s not forget the ratings system involved.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata described the DSi as being a more personal and individualized item, rather than a shared system like the past two generations of the DS. Iwata also claims the DSi is not meant to compete with mobile phones, the iPod, or Sony’s PSP, yet they now have an opportunity to wade into new waters. They have a huge potential for pushing the lines of mobile technology.

By creating new apps in the DSi Store for purchase, the DSi can fulfill its personalized nature by becoming more than just a gaming system. It could become a personal organizer, a GPS system, and who knows what else.

So I leave this with you:
Should Nintendo invest in more AR programs and apps? Would this increase their appeal to a wider market, or is this placing them in a market they’d rather not touch?


One thought on “Nintendo DSi: The Future of Augmented Reality?

  1. andy. says:

    As someone who follows the working of the video game industry very closely, I know that this is exactly what Nintendo is doing. Much to many video gamers' chagrin, Nintendo seems to be focusing less on games with their new generations of hardware, and more on the different things their systems can do. With the Wii, they continue making games, just much more casual ones, but with the DS (and now DSi), they are making cool stuff like this.If you want to see augmented reality, you should look up the trailer for Microsoft's Project Natal. If it even does half of the stuff that trailer says it can do, it will be truly revolutionary.

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