Schmucks in the City–The Problem with Critics

Don’t let the title deceive you. Unlike the majority of critics, I actually thoroughly enjoyed Sex and the City 2. But I’m not here to do a movie critique.

When I walked into the movie theater for the midnight premiere of this film, I was extremely underwhelmed. Including my four friends and I, there were no more than 30 people in the seats. I knew this was a bad sign; even I had lowered expectations for the sequel. Yet I went in with an open mind, prepared for anything my beloved fashionable foursome could bring me.

I doubt, though, that the Hollywood critics went in with the same openmindedness that I did. We all knew it wasn’t going to be the same as the first movie, but they expected it to be bad.

So when these critics went in to their screenings with the mindset of “This isn’t going to be like the first movie,” they immediately started looking for negative aspects of the movie, instead of taking it all in and then critiquing it.

This is a major problem with the American society. We always judge things before we experience them, and these judgments are always based on what we hear from others. This may work differently–and positively–when it comes to consumer product ratings, but when it comes to new experiences, maybe trusting others’ judgment isn’t very beneficial.

My new year’s resolution has stayed the same over the past couple of years:
to try new things regardless of what I’ve heard before or any preconceived notions I have.

That way, I can experience things for myself while still keeping an open mind.

Everyone, from the top movie critics to the average blogger like myself, should consider this. Going into something new and unfamiliar already with negative sentiments will yield a negative result. So if we explore unfamiliar territory, open-minded to the possibilities, it just might be that we don’t agree with those negative things we heard previously.

Life is all about the experience. In order to live life, you must do things on your own with an open mind, and give no consideration to any negativity.

My challenge for you, readers, is to find something that you’ve heard negative things about. Go see Sex & the City 2 or any other negatively-rated movie. Go do something your friends told you is a waste of time.

Ignore the critics.
Experience life for yourself.
You might actually be surprised at the outcome.


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