Independence and Emancipation

As we celebrate the 234th anniversary of our country’s independence from Great Britain, we must remember our roots and the foundation upon which our nation was built.

The first settlers arrived here to free themselves of religious restraint. And when the Declaration of Independence was signed, we were freeing ourselves of the influence of our then-ruling country. Because of a strong backing for a common cause, we were able to emancipate ourselves.

Emancipation is the key to all major movements in this country. The freeing of the slaves, the repeal of Prohibition, the women’s suffrage movement, the movement to end segregation, the Stonewall riots, and all the marches on Washington throughout the year for various causes are all a part of our society being able to free ourselves from any constraint or influence  and saying what we believe is right.

So while you’re out enjoying your barbecue and fireworks with your friends and family, remember what you stand for. One person’s opinion is equally as valuable as a large group’s.

Whatever it is, let it be known. Emancipate yourself. Make your voice heard.

Celebrate today by appreciating the freedoms you have.

Happy Independence Day.


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