Why I Blame Technology for Ignorant People

Okay, this is a quick post, as most of my opinions on this subject are expressed in the video below.

Since I started my new job here in St. Louis, the Central West End in particular, I have dealt with some of the most ridiculous drivers. Now, I will say it’s not nearly as bad as driving through Jackson, Mississippi, but those people were just crazy. What I’m talking about is ignorant drivers, which seem to breed on the streets of St. Louis. Every morning I see other drivers swerving or driving really slowly and, when I finally get next to them, they’re texting while driving.

I will admit that I was once one of those people. Until I got a new phone with swipe texting, which requires full attention on the phone. So I no longer do it.

So on top of that, I am also tired of seeing people on their phones during concerts. Why do people do this? I don’t want to remember watching one of my favorite artists through a lens, but rather through my own eyes. Plus, with my camera or phone up in the air to capture the moment, how am I supposed to dance and have fun? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

A few semesters ago, I made this video for my Intro to Interactive Media course, in which we had to write an essay and create a video on a topic of our choice. I did mine on how ignorant people are when it comes to using their mobile technology. Hope you enjoy it!

Warning: this is me at my snarkiest.

Edit: Just found this article. A movie theater in Austin, Texas, threw a customer out for texting after she was warned twice. She left the theater a voicemail, which they now use as part of a PSA.


Check it out here.


One thought on “Why I Blame Technology for Ignorant People

  1. Karen says:

    Love this. I don’t even enjoy going to the movies anymore because there are so many people texting during the movie.

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