Party Poopers

So, we’ve got an election coming up. It’s that important time that rolls around every four years, flooding voters’ ears and eyes with political campaign messages persuading them which candidate should be holding political office. Along with election time comes the need to self-identify with one of the political parties. Doing so makes us feel comfortable, and makes our decisions on whom to vote for a little less difficult.

Those of you who know me (and have read my numerous posts on Facebook) know how much I despise Michele Bachmann. Never in my lifetime did I think I would have more disdain for a person than I did for Sarah Palin, but Bachmann definitely proved me wrong.

But it is not for the reasons you may think. While my views tend to sway a little more on the liberal side, I do not identify as a Democrat. When people assume these labels, they are committing themselves to a set standard of beliefs that they may or may not agree with. Plus, when Democrats get bashed on FOX or any other conservative network, they get defensive.

It’s not because Bachmann is a Tea Party Republican that I don’t like her. It’s that she talks about how firm she stands in her beliefs, but then fails to be honest and stand strong for what she believes in, as shown below:

When voting for our next President, I don’t want someone who is going to be wishy-washy. Even if I completely disagree with a candidate’s stance, I would be more comfortable with them if they stood for what they believed in and never thought two ways about it.

And while I may have liberal beliefs, I certainly haven’t limited myself to the liberal media. In fact, I’ve strayed away from some of them because they were constantly pointing fingers at the Republican party for everything that has gone sour in our political system.

I recently removed myself from an email list that encourages people to sign petitions for certain causes. When I started off reading these emails, I felt good in the petitions I signed, for both a local, statewide, and national level. Yet soon, it turned in to a Republican-bash fest that made claims about how Republicans were wrong, even in non-partisan issues. After about a month or so of these types of emails, I decided to opt out.

As Americans, we need to drop these identities for our own sake. When we identify as Republican, Democrat, or whatever else is out there, we are limiting ourselves to the perspectives of others, and fail to see what is actually happening in our political system.

Did you know that after our government finally finished bickering over the national deficit, they formed a “super committee” consisting of six Republicans and six Democrats. Their goal is to find how to save our country $1.5 trillion in the next ten years. While it may seem fair to have an even amount on both sides, we know one thing is for certain: none of them pay as much in taxes as we “normal” people do. Each of them makes at least $174,000 per year, meaning they are well past the exemption for paying Social Security taxes. If they didn’t get that tax break, then our generation and the one following us might actually be able to use social security after retirement. Shouldn’t the American people, the ones who actually pay the taxes to keep our economy barely functioning, be the ones to decide what should and should not be cut? Or are we just going to rely on a bunch of individuals who don’t want to sacrifice their three precious homes and luxury cars for the sake of the American people?

So when you approach the polling station this election year, don’t just vote because someone is a Democrat or Republican. Do your research on the issues, read up on the candidates, and make sure you are voting for someone who is in it for you.

America is relying on YOU to do the right thing. So get out there, and make a difference.